“The Xiangjiang Kids’ Club” Hyatt Regency

Angenvoort Kids’ Club Design Studio realized in 2018 for Hunan Onehope Co. Ltd the concept and schematic design for a unique 1.300 sqm indoor kids’ club for Hyatt Regency Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China. In close partnership with the Onehope, Jinghope Team and CAPC Shanghai.

Based on the rich nature life of Hunan Province and Xiangjiang River – we created a custom made concept and schematic design on layout and zoning, that provides perfect visibility and flow of play. Custom made children play village with a story telling zone, a themed climbing structure, innovative thus affordable interactive games, a multi-generational lounge and themed birthday rooms to create unique memorable experiences for the entire family. Our services also included procurement support, list of products and interfaces with the clients team of designers and architects.