“Playland at EDITION” – The Sanya EDITION, Hainan

Angenvoort Kids’ Club Design Studio has been appointed by The Ian Schrager Company to develop the concept design for multi-generational family facilities for the 5 Star “The Sanya EDITION” Hotel in Sanya, Hainan Island, China. The Sanya EDITION Hotel and its Playland opened before Chinese New Year 2017.
安根沃特(Angenvoort)儿童俱乐部设计工作室受伊恩施拉格公司(Ian Schrager Company)委托,为位于中国海南岛三亚的五星级“三亚艾迪逊”酒店开发多代家庭设施的概念设计。三亚艾迪逊酒店及其游乐场于2017年春节前开业。

The Ian Schrager Company, New York, asked to create a program driven, vibrant family and children experience for “EDITION”, part of Marriott International. Built by Jinghope Real Estate Sanya, the new Resort has a Kids’ Entertainment Zone, an Interactive Zone, a Kids’ Club, a Minigolf Area and many more features to attract families and children at the same time and to create unique memorable experiences. The Interactive Zone for example offers a Playoke Dance and Game Attraction as well as innovative Reactable for interactive Music experiences.
我们受纽约伊恩施拉格公司(Ian Schrager Company)的委托,为万豪国际(Marriott International)旗下的“艾迪逊”酒店(EDITION)创建一个振奋的、充满活力的家庭和儿童体验环境。新度假村由三亚景区和房地产开发,设有儿童娱乐区、互动区、儿童俱乐部、迷你高尔夫区域和其它特色设施,能很好地吸引家庭和儿童,创造独特的难忘体验。譬如,互动区提供了Playoke舞蹈游戏区域,和创新的互动音乐体验。

The brand reflects the changing lifestyles of families and children. Their expectations towards innovative multi-generational experiences in 5 Star Resorts. The Vision is to re-think the children facilities and kids’ clubs, to integrate the entire family in an inclusive design experience and innovative family games.
Angenvoort Asia Pacific Limited is a family attractions & kids’ club design and development studio. Turning our expertise from the leading projects of the attractions and entertainment industry into unique multi-generational family experiences for resorts, parks and malls.