christian angenvoort

has had more than 15 years experience in the development of individual and themed childrens' facilities and his team more than 10 years experience in the operations of kids' clubs and the development of individual stories, games and programs. We know, what we are talking about.



"Little things make a big difference". We do not invent the wheel again. We consistently build on the clients strength, take advantage of the existing potential, individualize it and give new impulses for products and services - in all hotel areas.


Our individual projects are the essence of resorts and parks, offer emotional journeys of discovery for children, friends and families.


The secret of our projects: Behind every corner is something new. It stimulates the imagination and allows children - and some parents - do dive into a previously unknown experience. The "small decision makers" are your future clients.


The happier the kids, the more satisfied their parents, the higher the experience value of the stay and the probability of a repeat visit. Moreover, unique facilities that the children don't know from their daily and leisure time life will become a "talk about" after the holidays and a "must to visit" for their friends and holidays.