Yalp – Interactive Play

Yalp, a RedDot Design award winner in 2014, is an interactive way to play together with grandparents, parents, children and friends. It has been successfully installed in Shopping Malls, IKEA furniture stores, theme parks, customized for IP’s like Angry Birds and being presented to leading Resorts. Yalp are standalone attractions without operator, all games ‘push & play’, online game updates, more than 300 installations worldwide and - 5 Year full warranty.

Hotels, resort and shopping malls are emerging rapidly to be able to meet the increased number of visitors, consumers and tourists. On the other hand, more people have more to spent, the needs, demands and expectations of younger generations as well as families has changed, and the way consumer behave these days is different from how it used to be. The changes in shopping and leisure behavior have revolutionized the retail and entertainment industry. This led to the integration of new trends. Families want to enjoy a new interactive leisure time experience. To meet with this shopping malls, furniture shops and themeparks have installed the Yalp Sona and Sutu for innovative family entertainment with great success.