unforgettable moments - unique experiences

Children - today's decision makers and guests of tomorrow - are your chance


We create unique memorable experiences with the "wow" effect for kids, that want to laugh and discover new things together with friends and family. We are specialized in the concept, design, creation and implementation of individual and themed childrens' facilities for the interior and exterior for hotels, resorts and parks, creating unforgettable journeys of discovery for kids and families. Flexible playcorners, table sets and funny kids' menus are our speciality. We consult you in all questions, from small to larger projects - contact us for your project.




The objective is to


- convey unique, unforgettable guest experiences

- an increased duration of stay and perceived "value-for-money"

- generate a higher re-visit rate

- clear differentiation from competition

- to win the kids, the "small decision makers", as future clients with long-term customer loyality


With our team and selected partners we develop for each client custom made childrens' facilities for the interior and exterior - from 10 to 3.000 sqm.  Our unique facilities that the children don't know from their daily and leisure time life will become a "talk about" after the holidays and a "must to visit" for their friends and family members.