Alexander Korting is a German freelance specialist in Imgaineering and graphic design for the leisure, tourism and entertainment industry. Alex executed many jobs for angenvoort lda. in variuous kids club projects to illustrate the uniqueness of family and children friendly friendly facilities.


Britta Kautzmann is a German specialist in the operations of kids clubs and advisory of the correct design, planning and products specific for each facility. Britta has been working for more than 10 years in different 5star resorts being responsible for the family and children friendly facilities, planning, product selection, programming, design and client liasion.


Helena Menezes is a specialist in safety, hygiene, accessibility and assessment. For amgenvoort lda. she supported the kids clubs in Dorint Hotels & Resorts and interim concept for Alfamar Resort on inclusive facilities so that children of a wide range of abilities and cultural backgrounds. Project advisor for the indoor playgrounds in shopping centers from the very first design stage, working with designers selection of materials and equipment, pre-testing of impact surfacing, and building as well as post occupation evaluation for final adjustments of safety procedures and risk management. health and safety for shopping center’s visitors worldwide: research on injuries and accident mechanisms in malls worldwide, as well as on building regulations, standards and good practice; upgrade of existing design guidelines (development stage) and management procedures in order to include recommendations for better safety, accessibility and comfort for visitors, namely the most vulnerable ones (families with young children, the elderly, people with special needs).


Christian Angenvoort is a specialist in the tourism, leisure and attractions industry. He has been working in Marketing, Imagineering, Creation of guest experiences for clients such as Hilton World Wide, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Amorim Turismo and others. In the attractions industry he has been realizing projects for clients such as Warner Bros., Disney, Merlin Entertainments, TAA Theming and Animatronics Industries and others. A speciality has been the creation of unique kids clubs and family and children friendly facilities for hotels and resorts. From inclusive design, guest experience and also functional, safety and operative point of view as well as return of investment. Christian is a guest lecturer at the NHTV University in Breda, Netherlands for Imagineering Attractions & Theme Parks. His projects include Preliminary market research, definition of target audiences and expectations, concept, design, branding, technical advisory, master planning, project management, production, procurement, installation, safety certification and interfaces with architects and engineers, integration in resort operations, cost estimating, occupation rate and financial Planning.